Listing of Online Casino News for February 2010

Crown Online Casino Europe Opens
Added: February 28, 2010

The new year is starting off with numerous online casinos.  It seems that 2010 is the year for expansion into the online world.  Online casinos have always been prevalent, but this year there seem to be more and more companies expanding or opening their first online casino.

Black Lights Casino Launch
Added: February 26, 2010

Online casinos keep popping up all over the internet.  A few days ago it was a new Canadian online casino.

Regulation Concerns in Canada for Online Casinos
Added: February 24, 2010

Talk will continue more and more on regulations and online casinos.  There are so many countries that have to make changes and others that are beginning to.

Visa Stepping Up with Blocking Transactions in Online Casinos
Added: February 23, 2010

MasterCard made an announcement about a week ago to state they would no longer allow online casinos to make charges on their users cards.  In fact they have a new software that shows what transactions are being processed.

European Union to Solve Online Casino Disputes
Added: February 21, 2010

It is no secret that the European Union has been striving for the advancement of online casinos in the last several years.

More Private Information Being Gathered with Online Casinos and Other Sites
Added: February 18, 2010

Many people around the world are concerned by the concept of geo targeting or geo location.

32 Red and Golden Lounge Merge
Added: February 17, 2010

32 Red has been gaining ground in the online casino world.  Last month they announced an acquisition of Nedplay, one online casino.

MasterCard Blocked Online Casino Charges
Added: February 15, 2010

Officials from MasterCard announced they would block online casino transactions.  However, this was only for one reason. MasterCard no longer wants to see charges from online casino sites due to the high debt it can cause.

Virgin Online Casino offers Beat the Bank
Added: February 12, 2010

Each month there is at least one casino that will offer us a new online slot machine.  What the machine will have is always a surprise because there are numerous themes to choose from.

Discounting Money Laundering in Online Casinos
Added: February 10, 2010

It has been the contention of many that online casinos are breeding grounds of illegal dealings.  This has been brought on by numerous reports of scams, bad publicity, and those who do not really understand how online casinos work.

Super Bowl Tourney at Online Casinos
Added: February 8, 2010

Sure, the online casinos still offering fun in the USA are hosting a Super Bowl Tourney, but that doesn’t mean you cannot participate if you are elsewhere.

Most Popular Movie of All Coming to Microgaming as a Game
Added: February 7, 2010

One of the most popular movies of all times is going to be arriving at Microgaming.  There have been many themes in the slot machines offered by online casinos.

Hype or Truth One Lucky Player Hits 5 Jackpots
Added: February 4, 2010

An announcement that one lucky player has hit five jackpots has us all wondering if this can be truth or fiction.  The lucky player won five jackpots over a period of six days.

Party Casino Signs Celebrity Ambassador
Added: February 2, 2010

It is nothing new that companies use celebrities to advertise their brand names.  It has been something that has been in use for more than twenty years, although it has changed somewhat in the amount of celebrities that do get signed.

Sky Vegas to Offer Neteller e-Wallet
Added: February 1, 2010

Sky Betting and Gaming is a part of the British Sky Broadcasting company.  They are the owners of Sky Vegas.  In an announcement to the news Sky Vegas admitted to their new merger with NEOVIA Financial.

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