Listing of Online Casino News for October 2008

University Uses Gambling To Teach About Gambling
Added: October 29, 2008

In an effort to help people understand that gambling could be addicting, universities are using a unique method to pass this message on to their students.

French Online Gambling Sites Bucking The System
Added: October 27, 2008

Owners of French online gambling sites are getting set to start fighting the domestic live casino operators who do not want them to launch online casino and poker websites.

iMEGA Fires Back Against Kentucky
Added: October 26, 2008

While other online casino and poker rooms are waiting to see what happens in the Kentucky forfeiture case, Interactive Media Entertainment and Gaming Association (iMEGA) has decided to fight back instead.

Credit Crunch Hitting The Online Casinos
Added: October 23, 2008

The current economic crisis and credit crunch has been affecting every business around the world and that now includes online casinos.  While many have yet to adjust for the current economic conditions, one casino website, La Isla Casino, have adjusted their operations and casino bonus structure to accommodate for the economic crunch.

CryptoLogic And PartyGaming May Join Forces
Added: October 22, 2008

Leading gaming software developed CryptoLogic Limited announced that they are currently in discussion with ‘another major poker network’, namely, PartyGaming.

Online Casino Advisory Calls For Boycott
Added: October 20, 2008

Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear has really angered the wrong people.  Recently the judge involved in the case that has Governor Beshear trying to force 141 online gambling...

Kentucky Case To Go Forward With Online Poker Added To The Mix
Added: October 17, 2008

The case filed by Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear requesting that 141 Internet gambling domain names be issued to the state in order to ban residents from gambling online will be continuing on with Judge Thomas Wingate presiding over the final forfeiture hearing on November 17, 2008.

GoldenCasino Gets A Kentucky Face Lift
Added: October 16, 2008

Kentucky’s Governor Beshear is making some serious waves with his plans to ban online casinos and poker rooms from his state, by trying to snatch up 141 known gambling domains in his state to keep them from being used.

Ireland Ripe For Casinos Of All Kinds
Added: October 14, 2008

The country of Ireland is one that has known gambling in one form or another for centuries.  Gambling there is a tradition and to this day millions of citizens bet on the horses every weekend or place wagers on their favorite football teams.

Online Casinos Giving Vegas A Run For Its Money
Added: October 11, 2008

If the current economic crisis wasn’t bad enough on Las Vegas, Sin City is starting to feel the effects of local casinos, tribal venues, and, most especially, online gambling websites.

Internet Gambling World Weighs In On Kentucky
Added: October 10, 2008

141 gambling domain names are on the block as the courts in Frankfort, Kentucky listen to the cons the state’s governor, Steve Beshear, offers on why he wants them ‘quarantined’ and not used in his state.

Lasseters Closing Online Casino Sites
Added: October 7, 2008

Lasseter’s, a popular online gaming company, has announced that they are shutting down all of their online casino and poker room websites effective immediately.

CasinoChoice Celebrates Record Sixth Anniversary
Added: October 6, 2008

An online casino is having a birthday today, and it’s the number one online casino portal in the United Kingdom. is celebrating its sixth birthday today amid a record in the online gaming industry...

CryptoLogic Signs Online Casino Agreement With Russia CIS
Added: October 3, 2008

It seems that Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) is getting into the online gambling market.  The software developer CryptoLogic Limited announced this week that they have signed an exclusive licensing agreement with Kurastica to distribute its Internet casino software in the country and the commonwealth...

LazerWager Online Casino Closes Their Doors
Added: October 1, 2008

Not every online casino makes it to become well known and popular like William Hill or Bodog.  Such is the case of, an online casino, sports betting, and live dealer online gambling website.

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