Regulation Concerns in Canada for Online Casinos

Published on: February 24, 2010 

Talk will continue more and more on regulations and online casinos.  There are so many countries that have to make changes and others that are beginning to.  The UK has proven that online casinos can be regulated.  More than that these online casinos have shown they can improve economic standings.  Online casinos provide jobs for numerous people both in the UK and outside of it.  Other countries are realising this.

Canada is a new country on our radar for changes in casinos.  They have always had land based casinos, but Loto Quebec announced they would be offering a new online casino for Canadians only.  This has gotten numerous responses.  Many public health officials have stated online casinos should not be offered, and they are even worried about the regulation needed.

Minister Raymond Bachand is supporting the online casino.  He feels the online casinos will not increase problem gambling.  Instead he feels that it is just another move that was required.  Online casinos have been offered in Canada; however, it is the first time an all Canada online casino has opened.  There are plenty of UK online casinos that offer their services to Canada, and Quebecers.

The purpose of the site, said Bachand, is not to collect money from Canadian citizens, but instead to redirect the money these individuals are spending off shore.  The idea is to gain a bit of control and turn the money back into Canada rather than giving it to a foreign company.  They are hoping the revenue will help balance Canada and perhaps offer some public programs that have been lacking.

The Canadian government will be regulating the online casinos.  They want to make sure the casinos are offering fair outcomes.  Already Spin Palace and Ruby Fortune are being regulated, so adding Loto Quebec will be no different.  The state is more than willing to make sure the gambling is handled in a responsible manner.

For Canadians this will be a good thing, and though the casino is not available to anyone outside of Canada, it should help bring in revenue.  UK players have plenty of choices as is, so this little change will have little effect- except for returning some of their jackpots back into their control rather than to outside parties.  We can expect many other regulation changes in different countries for 2010 as online gambling casinos try to make waves.

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