High Roller Casinos

High roller casinos are those online casinos that encourage their members to deposit and wager large amounts. The games offered at such casinos are no different from other casinos powered by the same software provider. These casinos become high roller casinos by virtue of the bonuses, promotions and VIP clubs that they offer.

High roller casinos are characterized by strong VIP clubs. The higher tiers of these clubs can be reached only by those members who wager extremely large amounts. However, they are given excellent benefits in return. They are given faster accumulation and redemption of loyalty points, attractive bonuses, schemes that pay back part of their losses and personalized customer service. In fact many high roller casinos offer dedicated customer service representatives to their high roller members. These casinos often hold special tournaments and promotions only for high roller members.

It is not that low rollers are unwelcome or not permitted at high roller casinos. Nor do high roller casinos set unreasonable minimum limits for deposits or wagers. It is just that all the benefits they offer can be taken advantage of by those players who wager large amounts. Hence high roller casinos tend to have fewer members who wager more as against many members who wager less.

Information About High Roller Online Casinos

About high roller casino bonuses

Most online casino bonuses are deposit bonuses, which mean that players have to first make a deposit before getting the bonus. The bonus is specified as X% of the deposit subject to a maximum limit of $Y. High roller casino bonuses are characterized by comparatively very high values for Y, usually in the region of $500 to $1,000.

Online casinos have two types of bonuses, the welcome bonus and the reload bonus, and high roller casinos have large upper limits for both. The welcome bonus is given to players depositing at the casino for the first time. High roller casinos typically offer multi-deposit welcome bonuses. This means that not only will the player be eligible for a bonus on his first deposit but on the specified number of subsequent ones as well. High roller casinos have been known to give bonuses on the first ten deposits with the total amount going to a maximum of $20,000 or more. As far as the reload bonuses are concerned there are high roller casinos that have done away with the cap altogether. The player will get the specified percent of the deposit as a bonus without any upper limit. Some high roller casinos make special attractive bonus offers only to players who have achieved specified levels of wagering.

What to be careful of with high roller casino bonuses?

The first word of caution is to players who are not high rollers. High roller casino bonuses do not have to be availed just because they are offered. It can be tempting for normal players to over stretch themselves and make larger deposits than they can afford with the objective of availing larger bonuses. This temptation must be resisted at all cost. There is no disgrace in being a low roller and wagering lower amounts and claiming smaller bonuses.

Genuine high rollers also need to take certain precautions while availing high roller casino bonuses. Some high roller casinos require players to redeem bonus coupons before making a deposit. If a player makes a large deposit with the intention of claiming a large bonus but forgets to enter the required code then he will not get the bonus. Almost all high roller bonuses are play bonuses. These means that the bonuses cannot be withdrawn, but only the winnings from the bonuses can be withdrawn. And that too after the player has met specified wagering requirements. Hence players must read the bonus terms and conditions to ascertain the wagering requirements and factor these into their calculations. It is more important for high rollers to fully understand the bonus terms because they have more at stake.

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