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There are really two main ways you can get online casino software the first is to download it and install it on your computer and the second is to access either the Flash or the Java versions that some online casinos offer. advises that you choose and go with the download option for many reasons which we've outlined for you below:

- Download versions are more secure
- They offer more games then the non download versions
- The quality of the games is better in the download version
- They are more secure then the non download versions
- The software is upgraded more frequently

The above are just some of the key advantages to a download version of an online casino as opposed to a Flash or Java version there are several more but I'm sure you get the point we're trying to get across.

Below are some online casinos you can download directly from here:

When clicked on the links below will trigger a download. You will be required to either open the file directly from the web or alternatively download it and save it to a location on your hard drive and then run the file.

Casinos That "DO" Accepting US Players

Casinos Not Accepting US Players

What are download casinos?

Online casinos are run using special software packages. Download online casinos require the player to download software from the casino web site and install it on the hard disk of his computer. Even then the player needs to be connected via an Internet connection to the download casino web site. Because though the games are available on the player's computer certain vital information and instructions are only on the casino's servers. Hence a constant exchange of information keeps on taking place between the player's computer and the casino's servers. However, this exchange is much less than in the case of no download casinos. In download casinos, once a game has been downloaded it remains stored on the player's computer. The next time the player wants to wager on that game it opens from the computer and not from the casino's servers. In no download casinos each time the game will have to be accessed from the casino's servers.

The first online casinos were download casinos. Therefore most online casinos that have been around for a decade offer download software. Today many of these offer no download software as well, giving players a choice.

Are there any specific requirements for playing download casinos?

The foremost requirement for playing at download casinos is that the player must have a Windows operating system. Download casinos are not compatible with Mac, Linux or other operating systems.

The required specifications of the player's computer system depend on the software provider to the download casino. These are usually listed at the casino web site. They include details of processor speed, RAM capacity, monitor resolution, sound card specifications, operating system specifications, hard disk capacity and Internet connection speed. Computers purchased even four or five years back would be adequate. However, if the actual system specifications are less than the minimum required then there could be problems in wagering. The speed could be very slow or the movement jerky, the colors could appear distorted or the graphics hazy and in the worst case the screen could freeze.

Adequate hard disk capacity is a must. As the player accesses more games all get stored on the hard disk and hard disk usage rises very fast. A dial up connection may have been specified adequate for download casinos but the newer games have high audio visual content and first download times can be very long on dial up connections. Therefore a broad band connection is preferable.

Are there benefits to playing download casinos over no download?

There are both advantages and disadvantages of playing at download casinos over no download casinos. Many leading software providers do not offer their complete portfolio of games at no download casinos. Therefore players at download casinos have a greater choice of games. Because there is less exchange of information between the player's computer and casino's server, the system at download casinos is more stable and less likely to disconnect while the wagering is in progress. Download casinos do not have capacity restraints, whereas no download casinos are restrained to operate in the browser only. Hence download casinos can have games that are richer in graphics and special effects. Once the games have been downloaded and saved on the hard disk the games open much faster in download casinos.

Some of the disadvantages of download casinos are as follows. Download casinos are inaccessible on Mac and Linux operating systems. Players who have small hard disk capacities or whose hard disks are mostly used up by other applications will not be able to play effectively at download casinos. The initial downloading and installing takes up significant time in download casinos because the entire software has to be saved on the computer. In no download casinos only the game to be played is downloaded and even that is not saved on the hard disk.

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