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Not all operators who accept wagers from US players also offer American Express as a viable deposit option. Some operators will claim that they offer Amex however when tested this is not always the case. As a result if you're a player who resides within the United States and looking to use your American Express credit card you'll need to be picky as to where you choose to play. There's no sense in wasting your time in downloading an online casino, installing it on your computer and creating an account if you're planning on using your Amex card if they don't actually really offer it. Your best bet is to play it safe and to choose an online casino brand that has the expertise in being able to secure the ability for players to deposit using their Amex cards. That being said whether you the holder of a traditional, platinum or black American Express credit card we've made it easy to make a selection on where to play. Below we feature a listing of online casino brands updated regularly offering Amex as a viable deposit option.

Information About American Express Credit Cards

What does Amex stand for?

Amex stands for American Express. American Express is a financial services company with a focus on credit cards. Amex credit cards can be used for making online payments.

What kind of reputation does Amex enjoy?

American Express was established in 1850 and is over 150 years old. It was one of the first companies to enter in the credit card business, which it did in 1958. Today the Amex credit cards are the most sought after cards all over the world. Credit card users have ranked Amex as the "Highest in Customer Satisfaction with Credit Card Companies" for the second consecutive year according to J.D. Power and Associates.

Are payments through Amex credit cards rejected?

Even after the enactment of the UIGEA, the rejection of credit cards while transferring payments to online casinos, even in the case of American players is minimal. It is significantly lower than the rejections faced in the case of credit cards from other financial services vendors.

How do Amex deposit limits compare with those of other credit cards?

The deposit limits on Amex credit cards are larger than those on other credit cards. In the first instance players who hold Platinum or Black Amex Card have very large limits. Then online casinos allow greater deposit limits to players making deposits using Amex cards. This eliminates the inconvenience of making frequent deposits at online casinos.

Are Amex cards widely accepted?

Amex cards are accepted by many of the premier online casinos. Both types of casinos, those that accept American players and those that do not, accept payment through Amex. A list of the best U.S. casinos accepting Amex has been provided earlier.

Does it take long to make payments using Amex?

Making deposits through Amex cards is much quicker than banking options or even e-wallets. Players need to either enter their details or their Amex credit card details. Then they can submit the deposit.

Are payments using Amex secure?

Amex cards are completely secure and security systems are incorporated at various levels. Amex functions only at those online casinos that have incorporated the 128+ Bit SSL encryption protocols to ensure that sensitive financial information is secure while being transmitted over the Internet. Transactions using Amex cards require players to enter the security code located on the card for each transaction. This security code is not stored on the servers of the casino but only on the Amex servers. Hence in the unlikely event of someone hacking into the casino servers, the security code cannot be stolen.

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