Sky Vegas to Offer Neteller e-Wallet

Published on: February 1, 2010 

Sky Betting and Gaming is a part of the British Sky Broadcasting company.  They are the owners of Sky Vegas.  In an announcement to the news Sky Vegas admitted to their new merger with NEOVIA Financial.  This merger will allow Sky Vegas to offer the Neteller e-Wallet to their customers.  Any customer who uses the online casino Sky Vegas will now find they have more payment options.  The deal allows for the 150,000 customers that have accounts with Sky Vegas to use more than one payment.  If the casino players find their other methods of payment are not useful they have the option of using the e-Wallet.

Not only is Sky Vegas offering this new payment option for online casino players, but Sky Poker, Sky Bet, and Sky Bingo will all be offering the same options.  NEOVIA Financial has more than 160 countries in which they operate.  They are one of the most important online payment companies around the world.  They provide instant payment services especially when other methods are not as popular with an online casino player.

The Executives of Sky Vegas and NEOVIA spoke up about the merger.  They stated it was a delight to make this arrangement, especially with the UK market increasing at a high rate annually.  They will find even more customers through online casinos, and more importantly make it easier for the online players.

Sky Betting and Gaming will roll out this new offering over the next twelve months.  They will also be reaching out to new customers.  Anyone with Neteller products will find potential customers are waiting in the wings.  Sky Betting and Gaming is looking forward to the entire deal because they can offer more than just credit cards.  They chose Neteller over other options due to their reputation.  They have a top reputation of offering some of the best security for online payments.  As a premier company it only makes sense for Sky Betting and Gaming to trust Neteller, as well as their customers.

Sky Vegas is not the only one to be making new deals for 2010.  There will be many other new deals both with payment options, live casinos via internet, and more.  Online casino players will find a myriad of options awaiting them for 2010, so it is only right to keep updated as each new move is made, such as the deal with NEOVIA and Sky Vegas online casinos.

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