No Download Casinos

What are no download online casinos?

When online casinos first came into being the software required to play the games had to be downloaded and installed in the hard disk of the player’s computer. It was much later that online casino software developers created software that did not have to be downloaded and installed on the hard disk. Online casinos offering this software are therefore called no download casinos. Since the time consuming process of downloading and installing the software are eliminated and players can start wagering immediately such casinos are also called instant play casinos. Another name given to these casinos is Flash casinos because the software makes use of Flash applications.

No download online casinos take advantage of the fact that the entire software is not required in order to wager on any casino game. Only that game and a limited amount of administrative software are needed at one time. The capacity of this limited requirement is such that it can be opened in the browser of the computer and therefore hard disk storage is not necessary. The Flash applications further reduce the capacity requirements for handling the audio visual animations. When the player switches to a different game the earlier one is removed from the browser and the new one opened.

Are no download casinos generally available for all Operating Systems?

When download software was developed most of the computers used Windows operating system. Hence that software was developed for Windows only. At that time it was not considered economically viable to develop the download casino software for other operating systems because the number of users was not large enough.

However later other operating systems like Mac and Linux became popular, particularly in the United States. Many Americans preferred these operating systems to Windows for their other applications and used computers based them. Hence they were unable to wager on download online casinos. Therefore when no download casinos came to being the software developers ensured that the software was compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux. This is one of the major advantages of no download casinos. They have brought in many more customers into the ambit of online gaming.

It also must be clarified that the same no download software is compatible with all operating systems. The needs of the individual operating systems have been built into the software. Therefore players do not have to ascertain whether the particular download casino is compatible with their operating system. It is bound to be.

Is there anything in specific that I to play no download casinos?

The requirements for wagering at download casinos and no download casinos are almost identical. Players will need a computer system and an Internet connection. Most computer systems available in the market today would be perfect. If players are using old systems they should check out the minimum specifications given by the no download casino. If the hard disk capacity is low or the hard disk memory is almost full, even then no download software should function normally. All common browsers like Internet Explorer or Firefox are acceptable. It would help to have the latest versions of these browsers, but this is not a necessary condition. The Internet connection should preferably be at least a broad band one. Playing at no download casinos with a dial up connection may create problems because of low speed.

Most online casinos offer both a download and a no download version. In order to play at the no download version players must click the appropriate button in the casino lobby to activate the software. This would be designated as “No Download” or “Instant Play”. Thereafter the procedure would be menu driven. Players will have to register at the no download casino by providing their personal particulars, make a deposit using one of the options available and they can start wagering.

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