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If you're a resident of the United States and you're having problems depositing at online casinos it may be due to the fact that your transactions are being blocked by your bank. In order to avoid situations where you encounter credit card rejections using your Visa or MasterCard at online casinos it's best to play at casinos that are know for their unique ability to process transactions. There are many online casinos that still operate in the US that are not able to provide players with good credit card processing using Visa and or MasterCard. The casinos featured here on Online Casino Topic are some of the most trusted and reputable US facing online casinos and they have no problems in accepting payments via Visa and or MasterCard. We highly recommend playing at the following casinos if you intend on either of these cards to make deposits.

Information About Visa and MasterCard Credit Cards

Why do some online casinos have trouble processing Visa and MasterCard?

Well the fact is that since the passing of the UIGEA Visa and MasterCard have been far more reluctant to accept and process online casino and gambling transactions in general. Although there is really no liability neither for the player nor with Visa and MasterCard it's believed that they simply feel more comfortable not processing these types of transactions. Online casinos that are able to process Visa and MasterCard transactions have partnered with key banks and processing partners that are able to get their transactions processed and not rejected. So each of the casinos featured here on this page of Online Casino Topic you can rest assured is able to process online casino transactions.

How do I know that the casinos featured here don't have trouble processing credit cards?

Each of the online casinos featured here has been tested with US credit cards from within the United States and has been proven to work. We've started with smaller deposits and worked our way up to much larger deposits to ensure that each of the casinos also providers relatively high deposit limits for multiple deposits. Most of the casinos listed above will require that you fill out a fax back from for which you'll need to include a copy of some form of photo ID (ie. drivers license, passport, etc...), a copy of the front and back of the credit card as well as a copy of a recent utility bill (only in some cases is the utility bill required). It's important to keep in mind that most online casinos whether they be US facing or not will require this sort of information for credit card deposits these days.

Are these Visa and MasterCard casinos U.S. Friendly?

Yes each of the Visa and Master Card online casinos featured here on this page within our site are US friendly online casinos.

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