Super Bowl Tourney at Online Casinos

Published on: February 8, 2010 

Sure, the online casinos still offering fun in the USA are hosting a Super Bowl Tourney, but that doesn’t mean you cannot participate if you are elsewhere.  The Super Bowl Tourney is for anyone who has an online account to the participating online casinos.  The tourney will not even start until the 17th, yet the Super Bowl is heading towards its first beginnings in the USA.

The Super Bowl is the most anticipated sporting event for the USA each year.  Thousands of people will sit down to watch the game, make sporting wagers, and eat gobs of food.  Since it is such a huge tradition in the nation it only makes sense for an online casino to offer a tourney.  To honour the game Cherry Red online casino is offering a Blackjack Tournament.  This is the 3rd BlackJack Bowl Tourney.  It is a lot like a slot tournament in which you have to buy in and use the amount the online casino offers to play.  If you run out of units you would have to buy back in or give it up.

Those who wish can still sign up and register their account to be part of the Blackjack fun.  The prize pool is not millions.  However, it is a modest $21,000 for the top players.  So, gear up for the tournament to begin in about 2 weeks.  You might find that it is even better than wagering on the outcome of the Super Bowl.  Of course, you might already have your wagers in for that.  There are definitely clear favourites for the football game.

The tournament will begin at 3:40am on the 17th and continue until a winner can be declared.  This means you may have a very short time to play or many hours to try and beat out the competition.  You can register the day of the game, but pre- registration might be your best option.

This is only one of the tournaments that will be going on in the next few weeks.  There are the usual weekend tourneys, which will wind down tomorrow or Tuesday.  There are also those that will begin at the end of the week.  With Valentine’s Day on the horizon there are sure to be some “lovely” tournaments based on the holiday.  One has only to search their online casino to find out what tournaments might net them some fun and winnings.

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