Listing of Online Casino News for February 2008

5M Sterling Casino In Kent Causes Stir
Added: February 29, 2008

A brand new casino that cost an estimated £5 million to build has opened up in Kent much to the chagrin of some residents and church leaders.  Gamblers in east Kent are thrilled with the new establishment at the Westwood Cross Retail Park that is near Broadstairs.

Proposed Casino Bill In Kentucky Stalls
Added: February 27, 2008

The Governor of the state of Kentucky has asked the Democratic leaders in the states House of Representatives to hurry up on a proposal that will allow the state to build legalized casinos on the Ohio border.

Las Vegas Casino Gets Face Lift
Added: February 25, 2008

The Las Vegas Strip casino and resorts have been getting a massive facelift with billions of dollars being spent on development.  The Moulin Rouge Hotel and Casino is the next gaming establishment that is set for its own...

Casino Exec In Contribution Controversy
Added: February 23, 2008

In a year that will see a new president voted into power, all eyes are watching the political goings on of every official from the small town level higher.  Newly elected Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear and William Yung III, head of the Columbia Sussex Corporation, and wealthy casino owner, are currently finding themselves in the spotlight.

Playboy Casino Giving Away Two Exclusive Tickets
Added: February 21, 2008 and online casino have announced today that they are offering members a chance to win exclusive tickets to Hugh Hefner’s birthday bash. The party will be held this year at the Las Vegas Palms Fantasy Towers and it is one of the biggest parties held in the casino and gaming community.

Kauto Star May Be Out Of Ascot Chase
Added: February 17, 2008

Betters of horse racing may want to reconsider their choices for the Ascot races, switching their favorite to Denman instead of Kauto Star.  Gold Cup favorite Kauto Star may not be able to participate.

Native American Casino Issue Raging In Congress
Added: February 15, 2008

In the ever continuing battle to legalize gambling, Michigan lobbyists are bringing a multi million dollar fight to Congress in an effort to stall two new Indian casinos from coming to the state.

Ex-NFL Pro Nabbed In Gambling Sting
Added: February 13, 2008

American football season is over until September, but players in the NFL are still making news.  In yet another gambling scandal to rock the league, former guard Richard Todd Burger, aged 37, was among three people who were indicted by a Somerset County, New Jersey, grand jury for being part of an Internet gambling ring operated in the state.

Casino Crime Potential High
Added: February 11, 2008

Pennsylvania’s six active casinos have been lucky in that crime there has been minimal.  But that fact does not ease the concerns of anti-gambling individuals.  They still remain critical of the security provided in and around Penn National Race Course, and insist that muggings, purse-snatchings, and other crimes could still occur at a rampant rate.

Gambling Issue On Both Sides Of Legislative Coin
Added: February 9, 2008

There is no doubt in any politician’s mind that gambling is here to stay and is a relevant issue as the United States draws closer to its next Presidential election.  The amount of money that has gone into lobbying issues on both sides of the legislative coin is staggering, heating up the controversy even more.

Expanded Tribal Gambling Operations Approved
Added: February 7, 2008

The ‘Governator’ of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, announced on February 6, 2008, that four of California’s wealthiest Native American Indian tribes have received permission to add thousands of slot machines to their casino’s in an effort to help boost the states flagging economy.

UK Lingerie Retailer To Offer Online Casino
Added: February 5, 2008

Lingerie and adult products are the staple of Ann Summers, a United Kingdom retailer owned by the Gold brothers.  Originally sold on a home party plan and then online, Ann Summers marketed their products towards women.

Gambling Halls and Casinos to Stay Open 24 Hours a Day
Added: February 4, 2008

In a bold move to improve the struggling economy of the state of Rhode Island, the Pawtucket Democratic representative, Mr. William San Bento proposed a new bill that would allow the casinos and gambling halls in Rhode Island to stay open for 24 hours, thus boosting the economy.

Super Bowl Sunday Nears With Much Betting
Added: February 1, 2008

It doesn’t matter if you are an American football fan or not, Super Bowl Sunday, the biggest game of the National Football League in America brings in bets from all over the world.  Betting on a game is as much a tradition as having a Super Bowl party.

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