More Private Information Being Gathered with Online Casinos and Other Sites

Published on: February 18, 2010 

Many people around the world are concerned by the concept of geo targeting or geo location.  Google was the first to announce that they would be adding to their SEO packages in order to provide more information to online businesses.  These online businesses in turn would be able to set up where they are exactly for their consumers to find them.  The downside of these announcements is that consumers do not appreciate their information being used in various ways.

Now for online casinos things are changing.  Quova Inc. has stated they will geo locate SEGA online casinos consumers.  So, why would Quova Inc or Sega go with this idea?  The answer is simple.  Online casinos operators are regulated to a certain degree.  There are some countries that do not allow online gamblers, yet they find a way.  The US is one country against online casinos and gambling.  With Quova Inc. any number of companies can use the IP geo location data they offer to target their advertising and content.  Furthermore, countries can see if any particular online casino is operating where they are not allowed.  Quova works with banks, government agencies, and online casinos.  They also work with broadcasters and e-retailers.  In doing this they can also prevent fraud.

Some of the online problems come in with fraud, spam, or hacker individuals that are not who they say they are.  Quova has stated their program will help cut down on the fraud by offering a real time location for an IP address.  The private information is not sold, nor is it meant to be misused.  It is simply an option for online casinos to check details and determine if a person like the Sega online casino consumer should have access to their site.

Quova states they will be able to offer data that is 99.9 percent accurate to 98.2 percent.  The company was founded in 2000 in Mountain View, California.  The new announcement that they will be tracking Sega consumers has come with the backing of Sega online casinos.  They sought a deal with Quova in order to help regulate their online casino and make sure it is safe for all online players.

They stated in the announcement that Quova has impressed them with their abilities in the online gaming industry.  They feel that by complying with regulatory requirements, Quova can help them keep their trustworthy name even in the online casino industry.

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