5M Sterling Casino In Kent Causes Stir

Published on: February 29, 2008 

A brand new casino that cost an estimated £5 million to build has opened up in Kent much to the chagrin of some residents and church leaders.  Gamblers in east Kent are thrilled with the new establishment at the Westwood Cross Retail Park that is near Broadstairs.  The G Casino has twelve gaming tables, twenty slot machines, a poker room, and weekly live entertainment.  Already it has created one hundred new jobs and the business replaced another casino that was in town.

The opening of the casino has caused quite a stir, though, and the Bishop of Dover, Reverend Stephen Venner has expressed his extreme concern over the establishment.  He says that he fears for society if building a casino is the only way to regenerate areas of the country and create jobs.  Even though it brings in one hundred new and much needed jobs, he feels that by building them in the poorest areas of town are only encouraging those already down and out to try and gamble their way into middle class, causing addiction and debt.  The G Casino was built in the heart of a shopping centre near a cinema and some pubs, making it tempting even for people who never gamble before.

In their defence, the G Casino rebutted the Bishop’s comments by pointing out that is was an entertainment venue and not a high stakes gaming establishment.  Peter Donnelly, the director of the G Casino, has stated that they will help anyone they felt was gambling too much in the casino.  They support safe and healthy gambling habits, and already have a plan in place to deal with problem patrons which includes counselling, discussions, and ultimately requesting that they leave.   

Members of the Kent community are excited about the new casino.  It offers residents of the city and the surrounding area and place to go for weekly entertainment and fun.  Management feels that variety of the leisure games and weekly entertainment will be very attractive to area residents and will be a popular place for the adult crowd.  Because the tables are low stake, the G Casino expects problems to remain at a minimum.  They also offer learn to play sessions for beginner poker players and casino gamblers, something many other brick and mortar establishments do not do.  They assure their new patrons that there is something for everyone there.

The G Casino opened to fire throwers, magicians, live music and neon lights to a packed and excited house.

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