Casino Crime Potential High

Published on: February 11, 2008 

Pennsylvania’s six active casinos have been lucky in that crime there has been minimal.  But that fact does not ease the concerns of anti-gambling individuals.  They still remain critical of the security provided in and around Penn National Race Course, and insist that muggings, purse-snatchings, and other crimes could still occur at a rampant rate.  The State Police, however, do not agree, stating that most of casino crimes are thefts, disorderly conduct, and public intoxication and rug use.  Not even the thefts are considered to rampant by the professionals.  The thefts are usually of personal articles and very little money.

Gambling opponents in the government, however, say that their biggest concern is the crime at these gambling establishments, not only in Pennsylvania, but all over the country.  They have tried to point out that the only businesses that seem to thrive around casinos are pawn shops, and that’s because people need to have a place to get more money, usually by hocking items that are valuable to them.  This may just be a coincidence, but it is enough to cause senators and representatives to oppose it.

Gambling critics suggest that anyone going to a casino should approach their time there as if they were going to a mall or highly populated city.  They should use the same precautions in the casino as they would anywhere else.  Visitors should never leave their personal belongings unattended, they should keep money close to them – in the front pocket of pants and jeans for men and purses strapped over the shoulder with the bag in front for women – and that they should always be aware of their surroundings and the people around them.  

Most casinos now have slot machines that accept bills, but not coins, and they do not return coins in the slots.  There is no more ching-ching of coins hitting the trough when people win.  Instead, they receive a ticket that can be used at another machine or taken to the cash window and exchanged.  This alleviates people from having to carry around cups of coins that can easily be knocked loose from a player’s hand or outright grabbed.  Security measures at casinos are also very tight, each floor with surveillance cameras watching all of the happenings and making it not the optimal place to commit a crime.  Even the elevators have cameras.  If there is a crime committed, casino security is right there.

Law enforcement barracks are usually situated close to casinos and it doesn’t take long for them to arrive on the scene if summoned.  While every measure is taken by the establishments themselves to forestall crimes, it also takes the players and guests to help protect themselves from being robbed.  By taking a few simple precautions, everyone has a better chance of averting a crime and being able to enjoy their stay.

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