UK Lingerie Retailer To Offer Online Casino

Published on: February 5, 2008 

Lingerie and adult products are the staple of Ann Summers, a United Kingdom retailer owned by the Gold brothers.  Originally sold on a home party plan and then online, Ann Summers marketed their products towards women.  Now they are adding an online component that is attractive to men as well:

St. Minver, an online gaming provider that is well known, helped the company build a successful online bingo site.  This site launched in July of 2007 to great acceptance.  This is the first time a multi-channel retailer took a chance on entering the online gaming market.  Ann Summers has 134 stores throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland and the website sees over one million unique visitors a month.  With this many customers, it is in the perfect position to launch and make a success out of an additional venture in a casino format.  

The Managing Director of St. Minver in the United Kingdom has informed the Gaming Intelligence Group that the two gambling sites were designed specifically to attract both men and women.  Based on demographics, the bingo site’s customers tend to be mostly women, whereas the casino site tends to be mostly men.  They are trying to overcome the gender gap by extending their customer relationship, communications, and revenue.  

Both sites provide content and activities that coincide with the products they sell and the current promotions that are being run.  Through consumer testing of the sites, they have already seen an increase in product sales coming from their gamers.  They offer strong, in demand product with a wide distribution, and their unique marketing method could become a mainstream marketing technique as people enjoy leisure activities.

The casino site currently offers players the opportunity to play Blackjack, Stud Poker, Baccarat, Sic Bo, Money Wheel, Roulette, Video Poker, online slots, five line slots, and other popular games such as Rock, Paper, Scissors, and Online Scratch Off cards.  They offer a VIP programme for members who have been evaluated by the staff and also promote safe gambling practices.  They offer ‘play for practice’ games in which they give the new player 10,000 points to play with, and ‘play for cash’ games for those who wish to move into higher staked games of chance.  Promotional items include lingerie give aways, free dice to players after they wage at least £100.00 regardless of if they win or lose, chances to win trips, cash matching, and £10.00 if they make their first deposit on a Friday.

Ann Summers is part of Gold Group International who also owns the Birmingham City Football Club, retailer Knickerbox, and a corporate jet for hire company, Gold Air International.

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