Credit Crunch Hitting The Online Casinos

Published on: October 23, 2008 

The current economic crisis and credit crunch has been affecting every business around the world and that now includes online casinos.  While many have yet to adjust for the current economic conditions, one casino website, La Isla Casino, have adjusted their operations and casino bonus structure to accommodate for the economic crunch.  Says manager Afshin Ertanin the site has seen the number of sign ups and deposits stay the same, but the amount of the deposits has actually dropped by 30%.  In order to cater to markets with smaller deposits, the online casino has changed their structures.

According to Ertanin, the site is offering their clients a chance to a get a bonus on all of their deposits £21 or more.  The welcome bonus is a 100% matching on the first deposit and 150% on the second deposit of £20 or more.  They are aiming their promotions for ‘Joe Average’ gambler, the everyday player who makes an average wager every so often and then is forgotten amidst the high rollers.  Most of the other online casinos and poker rooms are aiming for the high roller only.

La Isla Casino also offers their clients the freedom to choose whether or not they want a bonus with every deposit they make.  If they opt for the bonus, they are automatically added to a players account without them having to wait.  Says Ertanin, "The online casino industry will have to rethink their strategies in the coming years as more and more people are losing their credit cards. Plus the fact that many banks have blocked their customers from making deposits with their credit cards to a licensed casino we are focusing on alternative and safe ways of depositing and making withdrawals".  

La Isla offers their clients special bonuses when they make deposits using online methods such as U-Kash, ClickandBuy and Click2Pay.  These methods are easier for both the casino and the player to process and the site is trying to use them to the fullest advantage possible.  The automated site is set up so that a bonus is added whenever a player deposits 21, 31, 41, 51, 61 pounds or more in their accounts.   

While the site is primarily an online slots casino and the bonuses are mostly for their slots games, they also offer bonuses for some table games, like Black Jack, Poker, Roulette, and Video Poker to players who are gambling online on a regular basis.  Those bonuses are issued on Wednesdays and they can be used for play on any game with the exception of the sites progressive jackpots.   

Ertanin feels that by preparing for the economic crunch the way they have, they will be able to ride the course of the market downturn possibly better than most.

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