Online Casino Advisory Calls For Boycott

Published on: October 20, 2008 

Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear has really angered the wrong people.  Recently the judge involved in the case that has Governor Beshear trying to force 141 online gambling sites to forfeit their domain names to the state announced that he would not dismiss the case, but instead hear it to its final fruition.  This announcement has caused Sherman Bradley of Online Casino Advisory to ask everyone to boycott anything that has to do with Kentucky especially if it has to do with gambling of any form in the state.

The appeal was aimed to everyone and not just to gamblers.  It is aimed at citizens of the United States who are concerned about Internet censorship and the legal precedent that could be set in Kentucky in November.  While the governor’s move was meant to protect horse racing, the request of 141 domain names being forfeited to the state is actually an attack on gambling all around.  The state does not tax gambling, and according to Bradley the best way to make thousands of voices heard is by boycotting the revenue department of the state of Kentucky.

Bradley specified boycotting Churchill Downs, the most well known horse racing track in the United States.  They host live racing from October 26 to November 29, 2008 and the work with, an online gambling website owned by the race track.  This website is the only exception to Beshear’s legal action, not including the state’s lottery websites, the only gambling Beshear would allow his residents to do online.

Some of the websites that stand to lose their domain names in Kentucky include, and  The sites are required to block all access from IP addresses originating from the state of Kentucky by November 17, the day that the judge is supposed to make a final decision.  If the websites do not block players from the state, they stand to lose their domain names. has already changed their domain name and many sites, including GoDaddy, are prepared to let Kentucky have the domain names that were requested.  Additionally many overseas registrars have said that they refuse to recognize the Kentucky ruling.

In addition to Churchill Downs, Bradley has asked all citizens to also boycott Arlington Park, Clader Race Track, and the Louisiana Fair Grounds.  Kentucky also has over 16,000 Poker Players Alliance members and they have sent in thousands of complaints to Governor Beshear.  If Bradley’s boycott works and the state begins to lose some of their revenue, Beshear may be forced to reconsider his request.

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