GoldenCasino Gets A Kentucky Face Lift

Published on: October 16, 2008 

Kentucky’s Governor Beshear is making some serious waves with his plans to ban online casinos and poker rooms from his state, by trying to snatch up 141 known gambling domains in his state to keep them from being used.  While the state itself is all for gambling – they are one of the biggest horse race betting states in America and have been trying to get land-based casinos there as well – the Governor is totally against online gambling, feeling that it will take away from the land based revenue.  Right now, the state of Kentucky has temporary ‘custody’ of those 141 names.

In reaction to this, online casino Golden Casino has jumped the gun and moved to a new domain name.  Now called, the website has transferred all of their software and has fixed all of their links to point to the new domain.  This has caused members of the online casino to question what is going on as it is one of the most popular online casinos on the Internet.  Some of those members happen to be from Kentucky and the site, like many others already, has banned players from the state thanks to the Governors actions.

The recent spate of e-mails by players to online gambling information sites, such as Online Gambling Paper, has ranged from total outrage to mass confusion.  Golden Casino’s decision to move was made rather abruptly, but it is understandable.  While the outcome of the state’s request is still pending, the management decided not to take any chances.  The abruptness of the move, however, has had members and the online casino community in general wondering if they were being spammed or tricked into going to a fake online casino site where viruses and other nasty computer bugs abound.

The site is, however, legitimate and players can go to the new web address without worrying about it.  While no one is sure what is going to happen in regard to the Kentucky case, there is already speculation that the website will continue using both the old and new domain name in the event that something similar occurs once again down the line.   

Golden Casino was one of the few that were still offering free play games to citizens of North America, with players in Canada facing no restrictions whatsoever.  They offer new players a sign up offer of $555 and all of their games are based on the Vegas Technology software platform.

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