Yet another Online Casino Ban Ineffective

Published on: December 25, 2009 

Germany has had a ban on online casinos in their country.  The United States has had a ban on online casinos for many years, and yet online players in the US still find ways to gamble.  In a recent report Germany is experiencing the same thing.  The report has shown that while the ban is in place it is ineffective.  The reports are showing 2 million Germans are still playing in online casinos.  They have also declared their intentions to remain in the online casinos despite the ban.  The treaty will be expiring in 2011, which will lift the ban and not try to reinstate another.

Leaders in Schleswig- Holstein have stated they will be withdrawing from the State Treaty on Gaming.  The state‚Äôs Prime Minister has also stated they will keep the treaty in place until 2011, yet they will not try to extend the ban.  Many who have supported the online casinos will continue to work towards growing the online industry.  They feel the revenue will and has helped the country grow. Regulation is still needed so that monopolies will not become a problem.

The Association of Information Technology has done their own studies.  They found lottery wagering is up, as is casino and poker gambling.  Casino and poker gambling is about on par for earnings with sports betting.  The fact is even though the internet casinos have been banned they are still making money.  Players want to have the ability to have a little fun with their money.  The drawback is that sometimes things are not effective.  For example, soccer has had a few gambling scandals in recent months.

With regulation at least Germany and other countries would be able to stop some of the more illegal issues.  A complete ban has often been an issue creating more illegal problems with online casinos.  Countries who have been able to regulate online gambling are finding online casinos are more willing to stick to the rules and put a stop to issues with sports betting.

The Germany ban on online casinos has also been a problem for the European Union.  The EU has asked all members of the union to open their doors to online casinos, stating that no country has the right to block the industry, especially if it means they will have a monopoly.  There could be infringement charges and other fines for Germany if they try to re- up the ban.

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