Yazino Launched for European Online Casino Players

Published on: October 12, 2010 

Yazino is the latest online casino, but it has something a little different than others, at least in its advertising. Yazino is billing itself as a social casino. They stated to online players that they are going to offer exclusive gaming options, as well as some highly amusing games. They intend on combining favourite online casino player and entertainment, with social interaction unlike other casinos.

The truth is that most online casinos are social casinos. Players go to these online clubs to find friends who enjoy the same things and same games as others. It’s a way to chat, play a few games and win money. Yazino hopes to add to their gaming options throughout the years of their operation with a regularity that makes players want to switch over from other places.

At the moment the real money play is not in effect. They are just a non- real online casino offering memberships and social interaction. It will take until early 2011 to get the real money options for online players.

Hussein Chahine is the CEO for Yazino. He commented that they want the site to defy all other online casinos for social gaming. He stated they have gone for the social image because regular online casinos are seen as shady and even less than legal. This comes from the various illegal operations that are trying to break into countries that are currently banning any online play. Chahine felt if they went for the social casino image it would not only draw more players, but even government officials might find it more trustworthy.

After all, social sites like social casinos are seen as fun, charming, even amiable places to be. Social networking will be a huge part of the options provided to players at Yazino. They may be based in a casino setting, but they are meant to be more fun and games than serious at least according to the label.

Yazino has already seen 200,000 people sign up for accounts. They see about 10,000 new players every day sign up for their accounts. They expect to have a million players registered by the end of 2010 and hope to welcome at least 100,000 players every day once their live real money games are up. Yazino could be the next biggest social networking option online if they advertise right and truly offer top social networking.

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