Will New Portal Change Online Casinos

Published on: December 10, 2009 

A new online casino has announced they will be more open about certain online casino things that players usually do not get to know about.  Online-Casino.co.uk has promised their players something no other online casino likes to offer.  The truth is simple.  Online casinos and any casino can continue to run by making money from their online players.  The house will always have the edge because that is how the games are designed.  There are certain games that are just chance and no strategies exist that could possibly make them lucrative.

The new online casino has promised that they will be more open regarding certain aspects of the online casino world.  They stated by breaking confidentiality on certain things they hope to gain more players and allow these players to feel more comfortable.  Online-Casino.co.uk spokesperson stated they will reveal some “secret” information and help online casino players be more profitable.

The online casino spokesperson went on to say they will be offering information regarding which online casino games pay out most regularly and how to use the bonus cash that players may receive when they sign up as well as in other areas of the casino.  While some operators tend not to share this information Online-Casino.co.uk does not think it would be a bad thing.

However, one must ask how revealing this will actually be?  Is the information going to be valid enough that players will be able to make more profit?  The games, especially slots are definitely a game of chance.  Certainly you can play the slots until they payout, but what is lost in the meantime?  Players will have to make their own choices as to whether the secrets being revealed are helpful.

What was found in a search of the new site is numerous guides, tips, strategies, news and bonus information.  How edgy this is will have to be determined by what players tend to play.  The good news is that the guides will explain how to play the games and what some of the popular strategies are.  They also discuss the bonuses and how the banking systems operate.  Online-Casino.co.uk is not the first to offer online information though.  Other online casinos have news, articles, guides, tips and more to help out players.  It makes the players more interested in playing the games because they feel they know a little more about it.  It may even come down to the issue of other casinos offering this information to gain player trust.

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