Will 2011 Bring Changes to US Online Gambling Scene

Published on: January 9, 2011 

The Lame Duck session in the US political landscape is nearing its close, and with it any concrete chances of seeing significant changes in the US online gambling scene. For a moment, Senator Harry Reid managed to get everybody’s hopes up by trying to push a bill that would have legalized online poker and gambling, but at the end of the day, nothing came out of his efforts. Some gave a sigh of relief over Reid’s failures to secure enough support for his bill, as online gamblers would have been out of action for over a year and a half at sites that would have been keen to secure a gambling license.

Things have never been the same in the US since Congress passed the controversial Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act in 2006. Ever since President George W. Bush put his signature to this bill, online gamblers have had to retrace their steps in an attempt to find sites that accept US players, accept their credit cards and offer secure services. Granted, many of the sites offered to US players today are safe, entertaining and rewarding, however, it goes without saying that a legalized and regulated online casino industry would be so much better for US players.

As such, it is fervently hoped that legislators and pro-gambling lobbyists can get their act together next year and manage to pass legislation that is acceptable to all. Gambling opponents are burying their heads in the sand if they think that the UIGEA is doing its job. Since its introduction, there has been an INCREASE in the number of online gamblers in the United States, and the law has done absolutely nothing that it set out to do in the first place. Surely these opponents realize that by regulating the industry, they will have more control over something that exists anyway?

In addition, it shouldn’t be overlooked that a legalized gambling industry will bring in literally millions of dollars in revenue for the federal government which is struggling with huge budget deficits and greater needs for the citizens of the country.

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