What will France Online Casinos Mean for UK Players

Published on: April 7, 2010 

France like many countries has recently been under pressure.  The European Union still desires changes in laws that would end monopolies in countries that are part of the Union.  It has been slow to change though in the online casino world.  Instead most countries are paying hefty fees and battling against the changes.  It is not just because the countries want monopolies though.  France is just one case in which this occurs.  For the US it is a ban on all online casinos. Even Vegas casinos are yet to be able to open online casinos, though Harrah is front runner for ensuring they are ready.

A bill was recently sent to the parliament in France to make changes in the online casino industry.  The bill passed with a majority vote of 299 to 223.  The new laws are supposed to be in place by the World Cup which will be held in South Africa in June.  The budget minister stated that the move was an essential one to help stop black market gambling sites.

For those living in the UK it seems pretty unnecessary to consider anything going on in France until you consider what it means for online casinos.  Right now France is the only country operating casinos in France, except for black market casino scams.  When it is legal to enter France many of the UK based online casinos will make the move.  They will open their doors to French players thereby combining UK and French players into one casino.  There will of course be a site for French speaking players to play with their fellow countrymen, but on the whole it means sharing in prizes, tournaments, and much more for UK players.

The bill is going to force any operator in France to obtain a permit based on the new regulations.  If any online casino is found to be juxtaposing these regulations they will be fined and banned.  The idea is to be able to find those who have misdemeanour practices, as well as to help addiction.  The United Kingdom is a good example of how online casinos can help the economy without damaging a person’s budget overmuch.  There are pockets of addiction, but largely the online players are able to play for fun and set the games aside when they wish.  There is also help in the UK for those who find gambling addicting.

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