Weekend Strong for Online Casino Jackpots

Published on: October 25, 2009 

Saturday is at a close and Sunday is going full throttle.  For online casino players the news could not get any better unless another jackpot is hit.  Already three progressive jackpots have paid out.  Many of the progressive jackpots for online casino players have been elusive.  Plenty of regular jackpots are being won, but the big money has denied players for a couple of weeks at most casinos.

Seeing three online casino progressive jackpots pay out in one day can only mean great things.  The best part is the progressive jackpots were at three different online casinos, so the wealth is definitely being shared.  The first online casino progressive jackpot to be hit was from Cryptologic.  One of their Marvel slots paid out for the online casino player.  The Marvel slots are a recent addition to Cryptologic only just being placed online in 2009.  The lucky online casino player was able to slide away with $15,977.00, which is a nice way to begin the weekend.  Of course progressive jackpots can get up higher like some reaching a million or more before they are hit.  Luckily the Marvel Slots seem to be offering more hits and this one in particular.

The second online casino to pay out was Lion Slots Casino, which is powered by Rival Gaming software.  The slot machine was a three reel old style with $17,474.00 for the payout.  The lucky winner will be able to sleep easy for a while.  This is the second largest progressive jackpot to be hit out of six in the last three months.

About the same time as the Lion Slots Casino was raking in the money, another lucky online casino player was also getting some luck.  The largest progressive jackpot of the weekend so far came from Microgaming.  Microgaming is usually a hit for the large jackpots when Mega Moolah is in the works.  The lucky winner came away with over $32k.  This is the third hit for the Mega Moolah slot in the last two weeks.

If you are an online player you might consider what luck can bring you for the weekend.  There are a number of tournaments, bonuses, and obviously jackpots to go around.  You have plenty of time to try and win big since Sunday is still here.  You may want to keep your eyes peeled for the next lucky jackpot to pay out.

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