Weekend Begins with Online Casino Jackpot Win

Published on: June 13, 2009 

This week has been full of poker jackpot wins.  A Caribbean stud poker jackpot was hit early this week, providing a player with quite a bit of cash.  As Friday grew to a close and Saturday started up the weekend started with an even bigger hit.  Let ‘Em Ride jackpot was won.

Let ‘Em Ride is a popular online casino game offered by Real Time Gaming.  The jackpot paid out $35, 700 to the player.  The person who won stated that is the way to start a weekend.  Another player had just gotten home and began to play, while noticing that the jackpot had been won.  Most players are hoping the player who won will not have all the luck this weekend.

Real Time Gaming is a large software provided for online casino games.  They are also the only company still offering US players a chance to win.  Cherry Red is a popular slot with RTG online casinos.  Unfortunately for US players there may be an end to playing even through RTG.  The government stopped some poker payouts to US players.  One player is said to have lost $30 million in winnings because the government seized the accounts.  There has not been any confirmation of this though.

In other news there are more bonuses to be had online this weekend for new players.  Titan Casino is offering 4000 pounds as a casino bonus to those who sign up.  This is one of the largest offerings of an online casino bonus ever.  There are of course some rules to how you can earn the money though.  The bonus must be played on any number of games the casino offers.  After a certain period of time the person can then withdraw their winnings from the account.  Not everyone will get the 4000 pounds, though, because it is based on the amount you deposit into the account.  Titan Casino is run by Playtech software. They have over 100 different games on their site and more coming as Playtech continues to work on new programmes for online casino players.

It seems this weekend is going to be rich with money.  There are also a number of tournaments which began Friday night and will end Monday for online players to take advantage of.  It seems there is no limit to what online players can receive from jackpots to tournament winnings this month.

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