Virgin Games Introduces Virgin Bets

Published on: May 24, 2007 

Virgin Games is pleased to announce a new addition to their popular online gambling site, Virgin Bets.  Virgin Bets pretty much completes the package at Virgin Games as it joins the corporations already thriving Virigin casino, Virgin Poker, Virgin Bingo and Virgin Skill games

Virgin has licensed out the platform for this new endeavor from the already successful betting site, Betfair.  In 2003, Betfair won a prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the innovation category and is a proven success in the world of online betting.  

At Virgin Bets, UK players now have the ability to place wagers on their favorite sporting events which include, Football, Cricket, Motorsports, Tennis and Golf.  They also offer a number of entertainment, novelty and political betting options.  

You can currently place bets on what your weather predictions are, who you think will win the US 2008 elections (will it be Hilary?).  Other non-sports categories include the financial market, UK politics and the Irish General Election.  

But what makes the Virign Brand special, is their love for fun and entertainment, so at Virgin Bets you will notice a large focus on entertainment related betting options (especially when it comes to reality TV shows.). The CEO of Virgin Games Simon Burridge believes that entertainment betting in the UK has huge market potential.

“Every year, millions of people spend millions of pounds phoning and texting votes into reality TV shows. Virgin Bets will give these reality TV experts a chance to back their favorite contestants and share the winning feeling." states Burridge.  

Virgin Bets is currently taking bets on who you think will become the next Grease stars, Sandy and Danny or who will be the next performer to wear the Technicoloured coat.  So if you’re a reality show expert check out this fun and original site that gives you an opportunity to potentially make a little cash while you cheer on your favorite stars. 

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