Vegas Technologies Announces New Online Casino Slots

Published on: October 19, 2009 

You may have been wondering if new games were on the way from Vegas Technologies.  Each month it seems that online casino software companies provide new games.  With a recent announcement Vegas Technologies stated that they are finally releasing two new games for October.  The month is almost over, but Vegas Technologies decided to provide these new games.

The online casino software companies power several of the more popular United Kingdom slots.  The two new games they are offering are both five reels with twenty-five paylines.  The games are also video bonus slots meaning there is a little entertainment to go with the bonus round.  It makes the bonuses more interesting to have a story line with the bonus.

The first new game from Vegas Technologies is Love Bugs.  It is a slot full of romantic themes such as love letters, bouquets of flowers, chocolate and other romantic symbols.  There is even a Gondola Ride Bonus Round.  The players are able to pick up cash and free spins in bonus.  Players can bid whatever they want in rounds, even a very small amount.  The highest paid symbols will offer 5000x the bet you make.  The more bet on each payline the more you could potentially win if you get the right symbols.

The second online video slot is Bangkok Nights.  The game is based on Thailand as a night life theme.  The slots have dancing girls and night club symbols.  The premise behind Bangkok Nights might be from Bangkok Dangerous, a recent movie with Nicolas Cage.  Part of the movie had night clubs as part of the storyline.  However they came up with the theme of the new slot it is sure to be a hit.  Players will see top hats, masks, and a dancing girl.  The dancing girl can provide 10000x the amount bet if you get five of these symbols.  Also as part of the game are two bonus features, wild symbols, and plenty of different wager options.

Golden Casino and Online Vegas Casino are going to have the two new slot games, so players who belong to either online casino will be able to enjoy the games.  Vegas Technologies is not the only company to have offered new games in recent days.  Cryptologic recently announced a couple of new games for October.  So, players should keep up to date for the newest games.

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