Vegas Online Casino Jackpot Hit

Published on: March 9, 2010 

Some online casino players enjoy a great slot where the progressive jackpots can continue to increase as they play.  Yet, there are plenty of other games out there that will pay off.  One of the more popular games this weekend has been Island Stud Poker.  Poker has a number of variants including Stud Poker.  Island Stud Poker is yet another variation.  This weekend the game paid off for one online casino player.  This one player was able to hit a major jackpot.

Saturday morning the player hit the top prize of $104,834.  This is the first jackpot to be won this year on the Island Stud Poker game.  It has been over a year since anyone was able to win the top jackpot.  Typically, Island Stud Poker is only hit once a year, though there is nothing to say it cannot be hit more.  Most players obtain $94,000 from the hit, and no one has ever made over that amount until now.

The game is very similar to the land based casinos.  This means that the winner must hit a royal flush in order to get the top jackpot.  The odds for hitting a royal flush are quite high regarding the payout.  Unfortunately it is very difficult to hit the royal flush in poker, let alone in Island Stud Poker.

Luckily, there are many ways to get a payout in the game.  With a straight flush the player can get a portion of the jackpot. While it is not as big it is still a nice pay day for players.  Money is also paid out for a four of a kind, full house or flush.  Online Vegas Casino is just one place that offers Island Stud Poker.  They are powered by Vegas Technologies which owns the rights to the game.

Vegas Technologies is one of the better known online casino software companies.  They have a number of very popular games online in slots, roulette, blackjack and more.  Island Stud Poker is just one of the things they are known for with their online players.  Online Vegas is also a hit for weekend slot tournaments.

Any online casino can offer weekend tournaments and great games.  They are often in competition to offer something that no one else has.  So, when a game like Island Stud Poker pays out it is definitely something to consider for online players looking for a pay day.

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