Vegas Gets Ready for Online Casinos

Published on: March 16, 2010 

News has been going round and round about whether the USA will change their gambling laws regarding online casinos.  The European Union has made it very clear they expect changes to occur in order to open fair trade.  Yet, the USA has been extremely difficult in following along.  The question many UK players have is, will they ever change their minds and if so what does opening the USA doors mean for them?

UK is the largest portal for online gambling sites right now.  They have struggled a bit with debts as well as scams, and yet many residents of the UK are benefiting from the online casinos.  One change that will be markedly clear if the USA opens their doors is that there will be more online casinos out there. Just last week Harrah’s announced a Bingo site for international players.  They are clearly anticipating the law changes for the USA, and have moved to capture the international market.

For right now things are still in a standstill in the USA.  The government has been unwilling to make the real move towards legalizing gambling.  They fear the debt the online casinos will bring.  It will certainly make gambling easier to get to.  Many states in the USA have gambling, but it still requires a drive to these places.  By staying at home people would have more to spend, but even more they would be able to play whenever they wished.  The concerns are definitely imperative, but other countries have been able to have successful online casinos.

Las Vegas, Nevada is beginning to get more excited about the law changes.  Many of the land based casinos are moving towards online casinos.  It may be that in the next few months we will see the land based casinos launch international online casinos in the preparation.  What is known at the moment regarding Nevada is that state lawmakers are even now drawing up the rules.  This means when they get the green light from the federal government everything will be in place.

They have definitely made sure the laws are up to date at the state level.  By doing this they are also hoping the federal government will see how serious they are about having proper regulation and protections in place.  There are strict laws for the land based casinos right now, so a few changes will help incorporate stricter laws for the online world when it comes to fruition.

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