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Published on: February 23, 2009 

An announcement from Barney Franks in the US simply stated that there is a new bill in the works.  Franks wants to lift the ban on US online casino gambling.  The ban on US online casinos happened for a variety of reasons.  First the land casinos, which have a legal right to operate in certain states, were suffering.  Second the online casinos were banned due to the addictive properties they have.  Many government officials were too concerned about the amount of money spent when gambling online.

Several states were given the ability to block out online casinos from their state residents.  Bans on sports betting were placed in which a person could not go to a different state just to place a bet online.  Despite some of the online casinos still being able to offer gambling, many of the US based online casinos pulled out.  There are now very few operators in the US offering the online casino world.

For those who have not pulled out there could be some help to come.  Franks wishes to repeal the UIGEA bill.  This bill limited the US online casino options.  Though there are still some companies operating in the US, the majority of companies that exist would now be able to come back and service the US consumer base.

The two online casino software companies that were offering games were Cryptologic and Microgaming.  A few months ago Microgaming left the US.  Even though they had many consumers still interested, the pressure they were receiving was becoming too much.  The amount of different games being offered from the company was one of the reasons their casinos were still very popular.

Cryptologic is even now working towards more games that have high significance to the online casino industry in the US.  They are releasing Batman and Spiderman games, along with other superheroes.  These games are changing the demand many US online players feel.  They want to be able to play their favorite superhero game.

The fact that the superheroes are blocked from US play is just one of the problems players have.  Playmates from Playboy is another game that ironically is not available to US players.  Cryptologic is still fighting the US ban and will most likely have these games available soon for US players.  For now the US based online casinos have to operate in restricted areas, but a change could be coming soon if Franks is successful.

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