US Attorney General And Online Gamling Opponent Resigns

Published on: August 27, 2007 

The big news in the US today is the announcement of the resignation of the US Attorney General, Alberto Gonzales.  After Gonzales failed to handle an FBI terror investigation appropriately and fired some U.S attorneys, the pressure from congress must have gotten to Gonzalez, and on Friday afternoon he resigned from his position.  

Gonzalez was not a friend to many in the online gambling world, as he made it very clear that he was against all online gambling activities in the US.  For example, he recently made a promise to Senator Jon Kyl, an anti-online gambling politician, that he would do everything in his power to make certain that online gambling would be terminated.  

Gonzales has also expressed that he believes that online gambling activities are connected to organized crime and is an addictive activity.  He has been the head of organizations that have taken down and arrested key members of online gambling corporations, such as Neteller cofounders, Stephen Lawrence and John Lefebvre and David Carruthers, BetOnSports former CEO.  

So needless to say, the online gambling community isn't feeling too bad about Gonzales’ sudden departure.  And perhaps this could be the beginning of better times for online gambling in the USA, as it’s pretty safe to say that the billion dollar market has sure had a pretty rough year that was full of lots of drama. 

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