Upgrading Online Slots at Slotland Casino

Published on: July 11, 2010 

There‚Äôs always a chance that players will get bored with the slot machines they find online.  With so many different places to go, playing at the same online casino might get a little old.  Slotland.com has recognized that their online players might want a little something more from their casino of choice when it comes to the slot machines they have.

Slotland.com has 15 games that no other online casino has access to.  This is in addition to the more typical games found at any online casino.  Innovative slots and video poker games are always fun, but Slotland.com has decided they need to revamp some of their games.  Out of the 15 one of a kind slots, 5 will be refashioned.

The five games will be enhanced with Flash.  Flash slot machines add more to the game.  Flash has better graphics and more interaction.  They will also be altering the sound effects to be even better.  Slotland.com stated Jacks or Better, Treasure Box, Reel Riot, Wild Heart, and Golden 8 will be the five slot machines enhanced.  Added to these five Slotland.com stated they will be increasing the graphics and sound effects on other titles, which they will be announcing in the coming months.

The new graphics make the slot machines look unlike anything else online.  For example the slot machines have a newer and innovative look to make them more futuristic in looks than the old fashioned machines one is used to.  Players who have spent time at Slotland.com stated they are happy with the new graphics, and the sounds definitely add to the experience.

Each of the slot machines being enhanced are becoming full screen versions rather than a small screen that is hard to read.  Of course, players can choose the full screen or the smaller screen they are used to.  Navigation and video tutorials of each slot will be provided to make sure players know how to play the games, as well as have more fun.  Slotland.com is having a special summer contest for their players.  They are asking for a photo to be sent in regarding their favourite games, and a bonus will be provided for the top three pictures.

Slotland.com also has a few progressive slots players might want to take advantage of, especially since they seem to get hit.  In May one jackpot was awarded for 163,000 dollars and has already come close to that amount again.

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