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Published on: October 11, 2007 

With the ever rising popularity of online casinos and gambling sites it is a fact that the software development teams and gambling site builders are always on the lookout for a new approach when it comes to designing an online casino site. Using the images of well known people (there is an Osbourne family slot machine on the market) or the logo of a famous establishment has always worked well. This is the kind of thing that gets people interested and when people become interested in a certain casino game they may end up playing it.

The University of Massachusetts is now experiencing first hand what it is like to be associated with an online gambling site without giving permission. The logo of the university has been linked to online gambling through a gambling site called The university of course does not want to be linked to this type of business and has ordered for their name to be removed from the site and for the UMass site to be shut down immediately. The consequences of not doing so might be a lawsuit.

This time however the gambling site is not run by a large gambling business like so many other casino sites. The UMass site was apparently started by a group of UMass graduates and students and the idea behind the site is to exchange information on strategies for winning online gambling games. They are focusing on the game of poker and the site is about poker tournaments and cash poker games on the Internet.

Visitors on this site can choose to be linked to various other sites where you can go and deposit money to play a casino game and the logo on this site is the copyrighted UMass logo. The founders of the site disagree with the threatening closedown of the site and say that there are many sites linked to universities all over the Internet. Many graduates and students of a certain university start a site using their university’s logo and many college campuses have built their own sites using these logos.

The school says that they did not give any form of permission to the builders of the site for the use of the logo and state that they do not think that this type of website would testify to the appropriate use of a university logo in general.

The founders of the casino information site are now deciding whether they will continue to use the logo or not and are standing by their belief that many other sites using the same logo should have to deal with the same fate. It remains to be seen if the students will be able to keep their site going in the next few days.

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