UK Working on Internet Casino Rules

Published on: April 29, 2010 

The European Union has asked all of its members to change their online casino regulations.  In some instances the EU has made it clear that countries must open their doors to fair trade practices by allowing online casinos into their country.  A few have complied with this and still others are battling it out trying to avoid the penalty fees the European Union is trying to enforce on them.

The EU believes no country should have a monopoly when it comes to trading, even in online casinos.  The trouble is some countries do not want any online gambling to be offered to their residents like the US.  Unfortunately, illegal sites make it in and this means residents are playing on less than trustworthy sites.

France is one country which has decided to allow online casinos in the last year.  Canada is also working towards online casinos that they can regulate.  The United Kingdom has been regulating online casinos for quite a while.  In fact they are the country with the largest online casino industry at the moment.

However, they have decided even their regulations need a little work when it comes to online casinos.  The UK is going to comply with the European Union regarding their new policies.  The EU has offered new regulations to help more and more countries comply with their fair trade request.

The trouble is even with this compliance in the last year the UK is starting to suffer a bit regarding taxes.  The United Kingdom raised taxes on the online casinos in order to comply with the EU and make a little revenue.  This worked for a while, but eventually a high number of online casinos moved to more favourable locations.  Gibraltar is the most prominent internet casino location for the UK casinos.  Malta and other locales are also being sought.  Since the taxes are forcing these moves the UK has decided further action is required.

They do not want to lose revenue, but more they want the online casinos to be in a more regulated environment to protect the countries’ citizens. The UK Gambling Commission has therefore gone back to rectify the current situation hoping to get online casinos equal taxes whether they are in the country or not.  The UK will use a white listing process in which operators can gain advertising rights.  These rights will allow the casino taxes to be adjusted and hopefully make online casinos more secure.

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