UK Online Casinos Increase Englands Odds

Published on: June 18, 2010 

The odds for the World Cup in football were not very high for the United Kingdom compared to some of the other teams.  However, a recent draw has seen a lengthening in the odds for the United Kingdom.  The World Cup is being held in South Africa and the surprise 1-1 draw against the USA for the England team has changed the outlook for the odds.  The game was not as great as it could have been for the English team, but they were doing pretty great with a shot from Steven Gerrard.

An error from West Ham’s team allowed for the USA to even the odds.  A shot was made to equalise the game before half time.  There were quite a few chances for England to restore their initial lead, yet the American team seemed to hold firm against the various plays.  Their odds grew when Ledley King obtained an injury.  This USA defender’s injury is certainly going to help the odds for English players.  Excitement was increasing since it seems the UK team has doubled their odds of winning.

The original odds were priced at 11/2.  Many online casinos have had this bet on the table with the upcoming games.  Now there is a new bet in play at Three Lions.  The odds are now 17/2 in favour of the English.  The USA odds are remaining at 66/1 even though they had a draw against the English.  Unlike the UK gamblers it seems most in the US do not feel they have a strong chance to win betting on the USA team.  The reason the odds are so low is due to the competition.

USA is fighting against Germany, Argentina, Spain, and England.  All of these teams are very strong in the competition.  Even though the English are showing more faith in their players there is still a hefty field of play out there.  They will have to play against Algeria in Cape Town in a few hours and the only way to keep the good odds is to make sure that they win.  There is no option for error when it comes to the Algeria and England game.  For any gambler getting ready to make a bet, now is the time to place it on England’s team in the hopes that they can pull out the win against Algeria.

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