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Published on: October 14, 2007 

It is a fact that the larger online casino sites are doing quite well. The companies that started a few years ago are now enjoying huge profits and with the development of different types of casino games it appears that gambling sites are attracting more players every day. The UK smoking ban in casinos and bingo halls has contributed to the rise of players and of course it is important that online gambling companies keep coming up with new technology and incentives for people to stay interested in casino jobs., a successful online casino website, has now announced the fact that the company behind the casino is open to offers. Casinos from Las Vegas can submit offers for the site that has been enjoying healthy profits for years now. This recent announcement was made by the director and Executive Officer of the online casino site. He gave an interview to the important gambling event (the annual European Interactive Gaming Congress and Expo) that was held in Barcelona this year.

The company have now released a statement saying that they would be happy to hear from any large professional gambling companies who would like to transfer players from regular casinos on to online websites. There are rumours that the company has been in meetings and talks a specific Vegas casino and has been very quiet about any other potentially interested buying parties. has enjoyed a market cap of over $2.46 billion and there have been very persistent rumours that one of the interested parties thinking about buying is the well-known gambling website. There are many respected industry analysts who now think that casinos like the famous The Mirage and The Bellagio casino will actually be interested in buying because of the fact that online gambling is now illegal in the US. The Party Gaming site however is listed in the UK and this means that the site operates under the European Union legislation. This means that online gambling is indeed allowed and it would give any US buyer a place in the European online gambling market. 

More and more casinos are floating their stock on the US market or they are simply putting their entire gambling sites up for sale. Since the US legislation on Internet gambling changed more regular US casinos are interested in buying a site to be able to secure a piece of the gambling market on the Internet. It is not clear if the US government will actually try to stop this kind of thing from happening in the future. It is expected that the regulations will chance to stop US casinos from buying online sites.


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