UK Online Casino Branching to International Markets

Published on: March 21, 2009 

One of the largest online casinos in the United Kingdom is now offering even more to their players or should we say "would be players."  Genting Stanley has long been established as one of the largest online casino companies in the U.K.  They have been offering online casinos since the late 1990’s. Their casinos offer a myriad of different games including slots, poker, arcade games, and more.  Now they are going to go into the international markets.  It is true many online casinos have already been gaining in international markets, but with Genting Stanley in the mix it will be even more fun.

Genting Stanley is opening and to the international market.  They used to only be available to the UK, and now China, America, and Germany will be able to take advantage of the online casino.  Genting Stanley also has affiliate online casinos which they expect to increase in clients as well from the move.  In fact they think at least a thirty percent increase is going to happen.

At Circus Online Casino more than 150 games will be available.  Already Circus Casino is one of the largest online casinos and igaming options available to online consumers.  With the brand from Genting and the Income Access Network programme they expect to really turn up the profits.  The fact that new tools will be offered in the gaming world to make it more exciting is just an added benefit.

Genting Stanley is not the only online casino to branch out into the new markets.  Other online casinos have been trying to increase their clientele with more games.  Other online casinos have increased their markets and even started out in the US.  The US was the first country to have a large ban on online casinos.  This was partly because of the land casinos being hit by a decrease in their clientele.  There were also states where gambling was never legalised.  These states wanted a guaranteed ban on online casino activity.  Now the market is opening up again due to laws within the EU, stating all countries must allow the online casino industry.

This has meant that Genting Stanley online casino now has the chance to branch out into new markets and experience a growth.  They have already designed their two online casinos for the new languages they will cater to. They also assure the UK clients that their casino will continue to be the best.

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