The UK Government waits for Report on Online Gambling

Published on: September 18, 2007 

Many UK magazines and newspapers have been speculating about the Gambling Prevalence study by the UK Gambling Commission. This report is to be released on Wednesday and many small excerpts of this study have been leaked to the English press.

Newspapers such as the Daily Telegraph has mentioned facts stated in the report about online gambling and the effect this can have on those who are prone to addictions. It is said that the current UK prime minister Gordon Brown is being pressured by other parties into forbidding building plans for a large casino in the UK as well as condoning online casinos in the UK.

The many newspapers leaking news of the report claim that the report mentions that over a million English online gamblers have developed a serious gambling addiction. It appears that the number of people addicted to online gambling has risen significantly since 1999. It was in this year that the Gaming Board wrote a report stating that only 300,000 English gamblers were dealing with severe gambling addictions. The link between a rise in these figures and the fact that there are now online casinos that can easily be accessed by those who would possibly not enter a regular casino may be obvious.

Over 70% of all English adults has gambled and at least half of this number of people has played online betting games including lotteries and sports bets as well as online casino gambling. In three years from now it will be clear of the figures keep rising or not. The English government has ordered another report to be written in three years to see how many gambling addicts the UK will have around that time.

Another English newspaper, the Independent, claims to have seen a lot of information that will be featured in this new report and states that the UK government will be focusing on minimizing the effects of both casinos in the country as well as online casinos. Since the number of English casinos has not grown significantly since 1999 it seems logical that most people addicted to gambling are now playing games on the Internet or placing bets in betting shops around the nation.

This Wednesday the results of the report will be clear and the next question is to be answered by Gordon Brown. Will online casinos be blamed for a rise in gambling addicts?

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