The Tote Available for Purchase by Online Casinos

Published on: September 21, 2010 

Three online casinos announced their intention of making their holdings stronger. The Tote is a government owned betting firm and these three online casinos want to buy it. There are definitely going to be issues standing in the way of any of these online casinos to buy the Tote.

William Hill is one of the largest UK online casinos. They have several online casinos run by Playtech Software. This past weekend their largest ever jackpot was won for 420,948 pounds. It is a definite sign as to how strong William Hill has become and how popular they are among players. The trouble is that competition rules stand in the way for any online casino, especially William Hill to buy the Tote.

Since this will not be a simple process and with two other casinos interested it should be an interesting fight. Paddy Power, also a high powered online casino, is looking to make their own bid on the government owned establishment. Ladbrokes is probably a name many United Kingdom players recognise, since they are also in the media and on the top throughout each year.

All three casinos made their intentions known this week and are looking to the government to change the competition rules. Government officials are not being too open about the issue. They did admit there is going to be a sale. Jeremy Hunt for the Secretary of State for Culture, Olympics, Media, and Sport announced the sale is going to happen soon. However, making it public is a different matter based in its current government set up.

There is something about William Hill that may stop the sale to them. William Hill is not just an online casino for the United Kingdom. They have establishments in Germany, Austria, and other European countries. As an international organisation, it could lead to issues. When William Hill announced their intention of trying to purchase the Tote, they also stated their newest online casino in Austria was launched.

Already they make about 110 million Euros a year based on their current sports betting online casinos. To add to that will certainly make them on top and quite possibly wipe out some of the competition already in play. In the coming weeks United Kingdom players will see what happens between the online casino and the Tote. It seems as though bids are already in play, so the Tote just has to decide who wins.

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