The Social Aspect of Online Casinos

Published on: December 10, 2009 

Typically there are a few reasons someone heads to Las Vegas and other top gambling cities like it.  They go there to gamble, to have fun, and sometimes to meet other people.  However, the social world of brick and mortar casinos has not always been that successful.  Most people are there to gamble and they stick pretty close to their friends.  The online casino world has opened our eyes to a whole new world.

A recent survey by an independent company asked why online casino players are so willing to spend their money.  It is not only easier to sign up online and play more often, but there is an increased risk of debt for such convenience. The surveyors found it is not actually the gambling that many online casino players seek.  Instead they go online and hope for a social network experience.

In the last couple of years more and more online casino players have realised there is more to the online world than just a few games.  They get to join a game and have a live chat with the other players who enjoy the same things they do without having to go all Myspace or Facebook about it.  Online casinos have begun to add more and more options regarding social networking on their sites.

If an online casino didn’t have chat options for their players before in the last year they have certainly been working on adding these features.  By the year 2010 some experts believe that social networks will reach a saturation point in that all online casinos will have to have the options or go bust.

We already saw this year how having chat can help save a woman.  Several months back a plea for help in the US was answered by another late night gambler.  The fact is whether you’re on the internet for work, play, or sending the occasional email the internet is slowly becoming a place of instant responses.  Why send an email to a friend when you can write on their wall?  Or even better, you can live chat with them while playing your favourite games.

For players who might find it distracting to chat during the game they can always go offline in the chat area and then begin again once they have finished playing.  Humans are curious, and that means we want to satisfy our curiosity by asking questions and talking even during gambling games.

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