The Future of Mobile Gambling

Published on: September 6, 2013 

Given that offering consumers more convenience and engagement, even when they are not able to be by their laptops, is the goal of many industries today, it should come as no surprise to learn that the number of online casinos that offer mobile gambling is steadily rising. While mobile gaming has been a hot commodity in Europe, as well as many Asian countries, for several years, it has not really made the leap across the water to take South and North America by storm. Instead, such a gambling option has been hampered by the anti-gambling laws that are on the books for such countries as the United States.

For those countries that don't have as restrictive laws like the United States, mobile gambling has allowed players to enjoy a variety of different games to keep them busy, and the money rolling in, even when they are out. While the technology for these apps is still pretty young, it is constantly improving. Most online casinos only offer a few of their games on their mobile apps. In addition, sometimes the graphics, and other attributes of the games themselves, do not translate smoothly from the online experience to the mobile experience.

Many online casinos have multiple apps developed so they can accommodate their players, regardless of the operating system that is on their mobile device. All the major operating system have at least a few online casinos that offer mobile versions, including android, Blackberry and iPhone and iPad. Competition is fierce for these new, and often yet untapped, markets, such as Australia, the United States and Canada. The release of a new app for the gaming individual by one casino often results in other casinos releasing something similar soon thereafter.

For many online casinos, slots are the venture that makes the most money. As a result, they tend to put more money into developing slots for the mobile market as well. As the technology improves, there is no doubt that many more casinos will release mobile gambling apps. In addition, the availability of the games on these apps will continues to grow.

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