The Bad Economy and Online Casinos

Published on: March 3, 2009 

It is no secret that the economy in the UK and around the world is suffering.  The US already says they are in a recession, and the UK is just a few steps behind.  With the economy turning downward at every corner, online gamblers are seeking online casinos to ease their stress and earn a little cash.

To help you find those great bonuses we’ve taken a look at some of the online casinos.  There are some online casinos that offer only $7 for their online casino bonus.  This is not a lot of money when you’re looking at spending just that much in one round of slots or poker.  However, there is more to the online casino bonuses that first meets the eye.  At Slotocash they are offering $7 free for their new players.  They are also offering $577 as a second bonus.  So as long as you read the rules and you can sign up you will see some online money to play.

GoCasino is another online casino offering more than just a pittance for the online gambler.  They have the largest bonus available at $20,000.  Of course there are some giant steps that you have to take to qualify for such a bonus.  First you have to get 20 bonuses rather than just one.  This means you have to deposit the right amount into your account and then the online casino will match that deposit by 100 percent.  To earn $20,000 you have to deposit $1000.  Even if you do not bet that much you can still get a nice payout from the bonus.  Just by depositing $100 twenty times in a row you will get the 100 percent deposit.

A lot of online casinos realise what tough times we are in.  They know it is getting harder and harder for someone to come up with money to gamble.  By offering these online casino bonuses they do make it more attractive.

You also have one other option according to the UK economists.  In recent months online casinos are the only stocks that are performing well.  While other stocks are dipping very low and money is being lost, you could put your money into the online casino stock and see it rise.  The stock market is just as much of a gamble as playing in the online casino, so why not take a chance and do both?  You may just find the online casino bonuses are worth it.

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