Super Slots Online Casino and Just Gamble for Free Partner

Published on: December 21, 2007 

Just Gamble for Free has partnered with the online casino SuperSlots to bring the Winter Wonderland Slot Tournament to the online slots community. Free promotional play in preparation for the tournament began on Dec. 1st. As part of the promotion, the site Just Gamble for Free will promote a new slots games such as Safari, a game designed to pay out up to 400 thousand dollars on a single pull and Winter Wonderland, a 50 thousand dollar jackpot.

The Winter Wonderland Holiday Slot Tournament will play between Dec 25th and Jan. 5th 2008. This tournament will pay out 30 thousand dollars.

Scheduled were 42 tournaments, with a prize pool of 98 thousand USD. Throughout December the tournaments being played at the casino have been a combination of video poker games, blackjack, Hold’em Poker, as well as the ever-popular Online Slot games. All of the tournaments have been either free or minimal investment to play. Special online slots tournaments have been designed to maximize exposure to new customers, as well as cater to those who enjoy popular online slots games such as Eastern Dragon, Cleopatra’s Pyramid, and Cool Bananas.

The huge new online slots game being featured on Super Slots is Safari. This online slots game offers 20 pay lines, the largest currently available in online slots. The game opens up wagering from a penny each line up to 10 dollars each line, making a max bet of 200 dollars. With the max bet, 5 jeep symbols on any pay line will jackpot 100 thousand USD. 3 or more of the jeep symbols scattered across the pay lines will start a 15 free spin play, and all the winnings will be doubled at that point. There is also a bonus round offered. This is going to be a powerhouse of a game to play.

Another integration into the Super Slots casino is Weekly Bonuses and VIP Loyalty bonuses. It is possible for players to claim an additional 750 dollars in bonuses weekly playing with the virtual casino. One bonus offers a Monday 25% with the first deposit of the day, going up to 250 USD. Wednesday and Friday each have a variation on the same offering both a 50% and 100% pay out bonus.

Just Gamble for Free is designed with methods and resources to open up free gaming to anyone who wants to play. The also report on major events such as the World Series of Poker, and have links to free online casinos and free online slots games. This is an advantageous site for any online gambling player.

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