Super Slots Casino Summer Slots Tournament Ends

Published on: September 1, 2009 

All summer long the online casinos have been offering top grade online casino tournaments.  These tournaments have gone on for weeks with several parts to the series, and it has taken this long to find out who is going to win the ultimate prizes.  Super Slots is just one more online casino that is going to see the end of a summer slots tournament.

Part 3 of their tournament will show who placed in the money and who the 5 lucky online casino players are that get the $100,000 shared reward.  In mid June Super Slots announced they would hold the largest online slot tournament of the summer.  They stated the first part of the tournament would be in June, the second in July, and the last part ending on August 31st.  For each tournament there was a prize pool of $200,000, and an additional $100,000 for the top five finishers of all three tournaments.

The incentive of this top tournament was clear from the start.  Those who wanted the extra money would have to stay in the game and keep on playing till they were able to beat the heady competition.  The Summer Slots Series offered players two fantastic deals.  First the top three favourite online slots were part of the game.  It was only $10 for the entry fee into all three tournaments.  There was also unlimited re-buys into the game.  Most tournaments ask for a substantial re-buy if you run out of money.  So that made this online casino the best for tournaments this summer.

The $700,000 total in the prize pool for all games went to 24,000 online casino players.  This prize was real money and not casino bonus bucks.  Sometimes the prize money can only be used in the online casino with the winnings from the game given to the player.  Then the used casino bucks disappear.  But not with this tournament; anyone lucky to play can immediately withdraw their winnings.  The winners of the last part of the tournament were all in the $77,000 to $48,000 bracket for winnings.

Super Slots Online Casino is one of the more popular online casinos in the US and UK.  The fact that they still allow US players has meant that players in the US are getting a chance at this great money.  While September 1st has sped quickly to the UK, the US still has a little bit of time left.

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