Slotland Progressive Jackpot Hit

Published on: December 10, 2011 

Slotland online casino is unique because the games it offers cannot be played at any other online casino on the Internet. They are developed in house and not shared on any other software platform. Not only that, each game is completely different from the next and offers its own innovative features. All the games at Slotland online casino are networked to the same progressive jackpot. Recently this jackpot amount crossed the $200,000 mark for the first time in two years. Soon after that it was hit for $207,241.

The lucky winner was a player using the alias Henry W. He was wagering on one of Slotland online casino’s oldest and most popular slots, Treasure Box. Treasure Box is a classic three-reel slot machine with four paylines. It features a bonus fund called the Treasury, which increases every time a wild symbol appears on the reels. The Treasury is won by spinning the number combination shown below the paylines with three wild symbols in one payline. A statement from Slotland online casino indicated that Treasure Box has been the luckiest of its slot machines with four six-figure jackpot wins till now.

Henry W stated that he takes a break from online gambling every now and then, which is a very good idea for all Internet casino players to emulate. He was in one of his breaks when he read about the new Fruitmania slot machine at Slotland online casino. He felt that he had to try it. He saw the progressive jackpot well above the average payout level of $125,000 and had a gut feeling that it would be hit soon. Therefore he decided to give it a try. “Of course I never really thought it would be me but you never know,” he added. Henry W started wagering on the new Fruitmania slot machine, but soon reverted to his favorites. These included Jewels of the Ancients, Jacks or Better and Treasure Box. Henry W said, “I was so pre-occupied with getting the right combination to win that Treasury that I forgot all about that big jackpot waiting to be won until, all of a sudden, I won it. Wow, what a feeling.” He said that he would spend a part of his winnings on a new car and spoil his children more than usual this Christmas. It was the right time to hit the jackpot.

Slotland online casino was established in 1998. It is fully licensed and registered by the Government of Anjouan. Over 20 online casino games are offered, most of which are slot machines. With Christmas round the corner Santa’s Sleigh is the recommended game. It is a three hand video poker game with two wild card jokers in each deck.

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