Slotland Entering Cellular Ring Tone World

Published on: June 21, 2008 

The popular online casino websites is making a move into the world of cellular phone ring tones. As the promotion gets underway, there are currently two ring tones that are available to interested players and visitors to the website. Each of these ring tones can be downloaded off the website and onto a personal cellular or mobile telephone.  

Unlike other popular ring tone songs, will feature polyphonic ring tones. This means that the song melody will be present but the lyrics will not be. The first ring tone displays a funky, eclectic sound while the second has more of a Reggae island fee to it. The melody in both ring tone selections will follow the “spin, spin, win, win” format of Slotland’s theme song.  

These two promotional ring tones are going to be readily available on the website until the end of the month. The downloadable format is compatible with any cellular phone that is MP3 and MP4 enabled. When interested players and visitors download the ring tones, they will be eligible for one of ten $50 prizes if they can send the matching song lyrics to Slotland.  

John Lancelet, Mobile Casino Games Manager for the website express the view that ring tones are a popular form of self expression. People use ringtones to express feelings, moods or current situations in life. When a player comes into the casino and sits down in front of a slot machine, the hope that the next spin of the reels will generate the jackpot reward is never ending. The online casino has tried to capture this emotional playing experience in the form of cellular phone ringtones.  

Before downloading, players and visitors to the site have the option of listening to each ringtone. Listen to the available ringtones either by visiting the website or entering the address directly into the internet browser program on the desired cellular phone.  

In addition to ring tones for cellular phones, offers six different online slot machine games for play as well. Each of these games may also be downloaded for play on a cellular phone. The newest addition to this application is Treasure Box. This is a multi-hand video poker game sure to provide hours of entertainment.  

Prior to downloading either the ring tones or mobile slot machine games to a cellular phone please check with individual cell phone companies. In many cases extra charges for online applications may apply.

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