Slotland Casino Winner Buys Land on the Moon

Published on: March 30, 2012 

Progressive jackpot winners usually have predictable responses to how they are going to spend their life changing winnings. But Slotland online casino is special and its players are special. One recent jackpot winner at Slotland decided to invest her six-figure payout to buy real estate on the moon.

The Slotland online casino player who did this was ‘Suzanne S’, who wagers using the alias ‘Loonie’. She hit a jackpot worth $147,312 on the Lucky Stars online slot game. Since players at online casinos like to know how the winners have spent their earnings, Suzanne sent an e-mail to the Slotland Casino staff informing them that she had bought a 500 acre plot of land on the moon through the Lunar Registry. This cost her $125,000, which was almost the whole of the jackpot amount.

Purchasing a plot on the moon seems no different from purchasing one on earth. Suzanne said that for a while she was oscillating between the Sea of Tranquility region and the Lunar Alps. “Then I found this beautiful property in the Lake of Dreams area near Michael Joseph Jackson Crater. It was a lot of money but I knew I had to have it.” This area is near the sites of two manned moon missions. But what did the trick for Suzanne were its stunning view of the Le Monnier Crater and a phenomenal view of the Earth. Suzanne categorically said that she is not bothered about what others say. Buying land on the moon may seem a crazy idea to most people, but Suzanne always wanted to do this. So now when she received a windfall from Slotland online casino she went ahead and fulfilled her dream.

Michael Hilary from Slotland online casino has talked to many progressive jackpot winners. He said that most winners pay off loans, send their children to university, buy their own home or save for retirement. Some winners do spend their winnings on a dream vacation or a fancy car. But this was the first instance of someone buying land on the moon for Hilary and probably will be his last.

Lucky Stars, the game that was responsible for this unique purchase, is a classic three-reel slot at Slotland online casino. The innovative feature in this slot machine is that players collect lucky stars to enter a bonus round where winnings are multiplied ten times. The progressive jackpot, which is linked to all Slotland games, is hit by getting three bar symbols on any payline maximum coins bet. Photos of Suzanne and her moon property can be seen at Slotland Casino’s Facebook page.

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