Sega May Launch Online Casino

Published on: September 11, 2009 

Though no official announcement has been made there have been reports that Sega is about to launch an online casino in October.  Sega Games Ltd. has designed their own online casino and poker room.  Sega Games is operated through Sega Corporation.  The new site will have its own software.  For casinos players who have also loved Sega games this news comes as one of joy.  Video gamers and casino players all over will want to join Sega’s online casino.  That is of course what the video game company is banking on.

Still, many will have to wait to see if the site finds its way onto the internet and whether they will integrate their video games into the online games.  One of the most popular Sega creations is Sonic the Hedgehog.  It is said that Sonic even outranks Super Mario in the popularity contest.  Players will be able to look forward to playing the slot machines in order to see their favourite character.  As always slot machines tend to have themes and many are based on popular video games, comics, and movie characters.  So players, keep an eye out as Sonic runs across the slot reels.  Hopefully the games will even have special effects based on the video games.

Time will be the determinate in this instance, since we have yet to see an announcement from Sega themselves.  It could just be talk at the moment, but it seems unlikely since sources have been reporting internal contacts at the company.

Sega isn’t the only company looking to branch into the online casino world.  There are a number of new online casinos aiming their sites for the United States.  The ban is still in place, but this does not seem to stop online casinos from other countries, even the United Kingdom.

Players are looking for high bonuses and more online casinos to compete in the United States.  For United Kingdom players this can be both good and bad.  The downside is that the online casinos moving into the United States market will be increasing the competition for UK players.  The good news is the online casino companies will be making more revenue, which will keep them in business and quite possibly increase the amount of bonuses and other prizes.  The new online casinos are looking to prove themselves not only to the United States government, but to all online players.

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