Sega Casino Partners with Playtech

Published on: October 15, 2009 

The online casino world is growing with favoured games.  All year we have discussed Marvel and Cryptologic, with their merging of great ideas.  Now it seems Playtech is deciding to get some popular characters on their games.  The Marvel and Cryptologic merger has comic heroes appearing on slot machines.  The new deal with Playtech is with Sega.

Sega Games is partnering with Playtech to get into the online casino and poker sector.  Sega Games is the sole owner of Nikkei listed Sega Sammy Holdings in Japan.  They will manage and  These two sites already work with Playtech.  However, this new move will be introducing new games with Sega symbols.  There will be progressive jackpots and many other games with the Sega symbols.

In addition to the merger Sega will be introducing their own titles.  For example the newest game will be Sonic the HedgeHog.  They will also offer Virtua Fighter and House of the Dead as online casino games.  These titles are already familiar to the video gamers in the world.

The online entities will be licenced by Alderney.  Players will be able to get a user account through Sega in order to play these games.  The poker operations with Sega will be on Playtech’s iPoker network.  There are a number of professional looking websites for online players.  There is support, loyalty programmes, and a community that players can join.

Sega decided to launch this merger of ideas with Playtech after seeing how popular the Marvel Comic series has been this year.  The fact that their video games are highly popular adds to the fact that the endeavour should be a success.  With the branded slots the online casinos with the Sega and Playtech name should do well.

Alderney has strict requirements and they have a reputable name in the online gaming world.  Sega is happy to have their company being the licence.  The move should prove popular for Sega and Playtech.  Now online players just have to wait and see what the games will provide for play.  Sega will be using the SegaPass platform for the new games.

Soon it could be a full online world with popular online casino games based on top characters.  Who knows, now that Marvel is owned by Disney they may make a move to get their top characters into the online casino world as well.  Time will certainly tell what is up next.

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