Security Helps Prevent Fraud in Online Casinos

Published on: April 16, 2010 

Online casinos are always under attack regarding their safety.  There are many who feel that online casinos are not safe, while others state that they are indeed safe.  Since safety is such a large subject there is always a company looking to ensure online casinos are safe for their online players, and most especially safe from fraud.  These new ways that are being used to protect from fraud can be used at any online casino that wishes to increase their security.  Some places come up with their own new measures, while others use what is available from security companies.

Player Verify is a new online casino safety measure being offered.  The idea is to simplify the verification of online players.  The idea is to lower the risk of online players playing at multiple casinos or worse infiltrating a system for the express purpose of defrauding the casino.  It is also supposed to cut down on identity theft.  Some of the trouble in online casinos deal with identity theft where someone uses an identity they have stolen in order to play the games.  It harms the person who has never logged onto a casino.

Player Verify is meant to reduce this issue by quickly finding the truth of the identity of the person.  In other words, it just double checks that the online player is really who they say they are.  So not only does the programme offer better online security it will reduce fraud via identity theft.

Online casinos typically require personal documents to verify identity of players.  It is meant to keep the player safe, but sometimes the documents are the cause of the risk, at least according to Player Verify.  Hackers that break into online casinos could potentially find these documents and steal the information.  Thus, if the player can use a better and more secure system it would help keep things safer.  There is a secure code as part of the security system.  A secure code is harder to crack because the data is sent via a secure line only.

Player Verify will also cut down on the paper work such as the emails and faxes sent to verify identity.  It can save time for the staff and allow them to deal with more important matters.  It also allows for better storage of sensitive material with a more secure programme.  Many online casinos are considering using this new security.

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